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Work is Workship

Work is what we make it to be. We all have similar work to do. Yet it is the attitued with which one works that makes the difference to it. If one works with initation and anger it shows in the work. Even if the work is completed, there would neither have been joy during te process of working nor would there be beauty to the work accomplished We have work to do as a student. We need to study. We have to go to school. There are assignments and projects to do. We also participate in various curricular and extra-curricular
activities during an academic session at school. All this constitutes our work. If we do it grudgingly. we cannot enjoy
the education process. If there is joy in what we have do, it becomes easier to accomplish. Learning then is fun, not a bore or trouble at all. When we engage in worship we have the sentiment of respect, love, sincerity, -simplicity and truth. There is also a sense of devotion, dedication and excellence in worship. If we could bring these values and such a sentiment to the work that we do, we would convert work to worship.

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