Indian Civilization And Culture Objective Questions || 12th English 100 marks 1st objective Education study || Indian civilization and culture Objective Questions

                 12th ENGLISH 100 MARKS

1. .………. were satisfied with a small village ? [2012A]
(A) Ancestors
(B) Eastern
(C) Our ancestors
(D) Japanese
Answer ⇒ C


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1. “The Soldier’ is written by ….


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2. Human life is no better than ……..


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3. I Have a Dream is written by ……..


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4. The….. Press is, under ordinary conditions, singularly free.


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5. Woman visit her mother’s house during pregnancy.


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6. Bharat is my home is written by ……


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7. Indian peasants are poorer han their ……… counterparts.


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8. Who is the main character of ‘The Artist’?


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9. Indian Civilization and Culture’ is written by-


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10. The …….. of death are the whispering neighbours.


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11. Nanukaka had tied a huge ……… turban round his head.


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12. The invention of ………… was more important than domestication of animals.


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13. was a great lover of Nature.


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14. Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe is written by ……


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15. Lomov was the ……… of Choobookov.


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2. The people of Europe are inspired by. ……… and Roman writers. [2015A]

(A) British
(B) Greek
(C) German
(D) Indian
Answer ⇒ B




3. Gandhiji always believed in simple ……….. [2018A]
(A) Thinking
(B) Believing
(C) Living
(D) Talking
Answer ⇒ C



4. Mahatma Gandhi was more a —[2020A,I.A,I.Sc]
(A) politician
(B) economist
(C) social reformer
(D) spiritual leader
Answer ⇒ D



5. We notice that mind is a ………… [2021A,I.A]
(A) Angry bird
(B) Restless bird
(C) Unsatisfied bird
(D) Beautiful
Answer ⇒ B



6. “Indian Civilization and Culture” is ……………
(A) An essay
(B) A story
(C) A drama
(D) A poem
Answer ⇒ A



7. who dominated Indian politics from 1915 to 1948 ?
(A) J.L. Nehru
(B) Sardar Patel
(C) M. Gandhi
(D) S.C.Bose
Answer ⇒ C



8. Civilization is the state of development of a …..
(A) people
(B) animal
(C) bird
(D) non-living things
Answer ⇒ A



9. Indian civilization is the state of development of a ………..
(A) people
(B) animal
(C) bird
(D) non-living thing
Answer ⇒ A



10. ……….was a spiritual leader than a politician.
(A) J.L. Nehru
(B) Sardar Patel
(C) S.C. Bose
(D) Mahatma Gandhi
Answer ⇒ D




11. who used truth and nonviolence as the chief weapons against the British rule in India ?
(A) M.Gandhi
(B) J.L. Nehru
(C) Sardar Patel
(D) S.C. Bose
Answer ⇒ A



12. The people of Europe are inspired by ………. and Roman writers.
(A) Greek
(B) British
(C) Indian
(D) German
Answer ⇒ A



13. Indian Civilization and Culture’ has been written by —
(A) Pt. Nehru
(B) M. Gandhi
(C) Hussain

(D) None of these
Answer ⇒ B



14. Indian Glory is that it is ―
(A) movable
(B) immovable
(C) ignorant
(D) uncivilised
Answer ⇒ B




15. who wrote “Indian civilization and culture” ?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Zakir Hussain
(D) H.E. Bates
Answer ⇒ A




16. Has Civilization taught us to be more…….. towards me another ?
(A) enemy
(B) angry
(C) upset
(D) friendly
Answer ⇒ D



17. Pharaohs were rulers of ancient………..
(A) Egypt
(B) Russia
(C) India
(D) British
Answer ⇒ A



18. My experiments with truth was written by ……………..
(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Dr, Zakir Hussain
(C) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(D) Rajendra Prasad
Answer ⇒ A



19. Mahatma Gandhi has written the lesson—
(A) I Have a Dream
(B) The Artist
(C) Indian Civilization and Culture
(D) The Earth

Answer ⇒ C



20. Pharaohs were rulers were ancient—
(A) Russia
(B) Egypt
(C) India
(D) Greece

Answer ⇒ B



21. ………….. were rulers of Egypt..
(A) Americans
(B) Africans
(C) Iranians
(D) Pharaohs

Answer ⇒ D



22. Gibbon is associated with—

(A) Italy
(B) Sweden
(C) Russia
(D) America

Answer ⇒ A



23. Europeon civilization will méan ….. for India. [18A, I.A.]

(A) want :
(B) living
(C) real
(D) ruin

Answer ⇒ D



24. ‘Simple living and high thinking’ is the base of —

(A) American Civilization
(B) Indian Civilization
(C) European Civilization
(D) None of these Ans

Answer ⇒ B



25. Indian glory is that it is—
(A) immovable
(B) movable
(C) uncivilised
(D) ignorant’

Answer ⇒ A



26. ………….. Was a spiritual leader than a politician.
(A) Nehruji
(B) Sardar Patel
(C) Mahatma Gandhi
(D) Indira Gandhi

Answer ⇒ C




27. ‘My Experiments with Truth’ was written by-…..
(A) Nehruji
(B) Mahatma Gandhi,
(C) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
(D) Sardar Patel

Answer ⇒ B



28. The mind is a restless …………… the more it gets the more it wants.
(A) bird
(B) dog
(C) cow
(D) monkey

Answer ⇒ A




29. …….. is dead against blind imitation of western civilization.

(A) Nehruji
(B) Gandhiji
(C) Patel
(D) Ambedkar

Answer ⇒ B



30. Has civilization taught us to be more … towards one another?
(A) enemy
(B) angry
(C) upset
(D) friendly

Answer ⇒ B



31. Our ancestors injoyed ………….. Rule.

(A) Nice
(B) Society
(C) Home
(D) Nation

Answer ⇒ C



32. Gandhi Ji went to Champaran in ….
(A) 1915
(B) 1916
(C) 1917
(D) 1918

Answer ⇒ C



33. The invention of …………… proved a milestone in our development.
(A) fire
(B) agriculture
(C) carpentry
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ A




34. He wrote different articles for —
(A) ‘The Hindu’
(B) ‘The Times of India’
(C) ‘The Blitze’
(D) ‘Young India’

Answer ⇒ D



35. Civilization points out to man —
(A) how to make money
(B) how to win the enemy
(C) the path of duty
(D) the way of living

Answer ⇒ C



36. The mind is a restless bird which always remains —

(A) Hugry
(B) unsatisfied
(C) thirsty
(D) sick

Answer ⇒ B



37. Mahtma Gandhi used as the chief weapons —
(A) swords
(B) nuclear weapons
(C) guns
(D) truth and non-violence

Answer ⇒ D




38. Our ancestors dissuaded us from —
(A) politics
(B) luxuries and pleasure
(C) morality
(D) spirituality

Answer ⇒ B



39. Poeple in ancient days were satisfied with —
(A) towns
(B) cities
(C) mega cities
(D) villages

Answer ⇒ D



40. Modern civilization is the worship of —

(A) material
(B) ethics
(C) brotherhood
(D) equality

Answer ⇒ A




41. In ancient days the common people enjoyed —
(A) courts rule
(B) slavery
(C) true home rule
(D) foreign rule

Answer ⇒ C




42. The tendency of Indian civilization is to elevate —
(A) immorality
(B) partiality
(C) moral being
(D) dishonesty

Answer ⇒ C



43. …………… is known as the father of the nation or Bapu.
(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Sardar Patel
(D) Lal Bahadur Shastri
Answer (A)

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