bihar board officel viral question exam 2022

bihar board officel viral question exam 2022 // education study

bihar board officel viral question exam 2022 // education study

1. Tony Morrison received the Nobel Prize in

(A) 1990
(B) 1992
(C) 1991
(D) 1993

Answer ⇒ B
2. ‘Once upon a time there was an old woman, Blind wise?. has been taken from

(A) A Blind and Wise Woman
(B) Acceptance of Speech
(C) Once Upon a Time
(D) An Old Woman

Answer ⇒ C
3. Who has written ‘The Unity of Indian Culture’?

(A) Tony Morrison
(B) Leo Tolstoy
(C) Trinath Mishra
(D) Humayun Kabir

Answer ⇒ B
4. According to the writer of ‘The Unit of Indian Culture’ The …….. were regarded as the earliest invaders of the land.

(A) Aryans
(B) Sakas
(C) Greeks
(D) British

Answer ⇒ A
5. The story written by ‘Leo Tolstoy’ is

(A) Little Girls and Little Boys
(B) Little Girls Wiser Than Men
(C) Little Girls Cleverer Than Men
(D) Little Girls Smarter Than Men

Answer ⇒ B
6. Leo Tolstoy’s story is about

(A) two girls
(B) two boys
(C) three girls
(D) three boys

7. God Made The Country has been composed by

(A) William Wordsworth
(B) William Shakespeare
(C) William Cowper L
(D) William Blake

Answer ⇒ B
8. According to the poem “God made the Country’, Man made

(A) walls
(B) villages
(C) towns
(D) roads

Answer ⇒ B

9. A poem written in fourteen linės is called

(A) an ode
(B) an elegy
(C) a sonnet
(D) a lyrics

Answer ⇒ B
10. According to the poet of ‘ode-on Solitude’ a happy man is satisfied with

(A) a few acres of inherited land,
(B) more acres of inherited land
(C) a few.crores of inherited money
(D) a lot inherited property

Answer ⇒ A

11. R.C. Hutchinson has written

(A) Me and The Ecology Bit
(B) Acceptance Speech
(C) The Pace for Living
(D) Once upon a Time

Answer ⇒ C
12. In ‘The Pace for Living’ the author saw a

(A) movie
(B) dance
(C) play
(D) football match

Answer ⇒ B
13. “Me and The Ecology Bit’, has been authored by

(A) R.C. Hutchinson
(B) Mahadevi Verma
(C) Leo Tolstoy.
(D) Jon Lexau

Answer ⇒ D
14. Which one is not one of the slogans in ‘Me and TheEcology Bit’ ?

(A) Save Earth
(B) Save Tree
(C) Save Mountain
(D) Save Water

Answer ⇒ B
15. Mahadevi Verma was basically

(A) a dramatist
(B) a novelist
(C) a poetess
(D) a reporter hetess

Answer ⇒ B
16. In the story written by Mahadevi Verma ‘Gillu’ was a

(A) Crow.
(B) Squirrel
(C) Parrot
(D) Peacock

Answer ⇒ C
17. Satyajit Ray was a well-known

(A) actor
(B) film director
(C) singer
(D) artist

Answer ⇒ C
18. According to the essay “What is wrong with Indian Films’, the average American film is alan

(A) bad model..
(B) average model
(C) good model
(D) excellent model

Answer ⇒ A
19. “Aung San Suu Kyi’ was born in

(A) Russia
(B) London
(C) Rangoon
(D) America

Answer ⇒ B
20. Aung San Suu kyi won the nobel prize in the field of

(A) Peace
(B) Science
(C) Literature
(D) Economics

Answer ⇒ A

21. Burnt ‘Polythene Bagʻ exudes

(A) Pungent smell
(B) Pure smell
(C) Pleasant smell
(D) Peculiar smell

Answer ⇒ A
22. Martha’s stories were listened to by the children with

(A) tension
(B) joy
(C) ease
(D) attention

Answer ⇒ C
23. “The Empty Heart’ speaks about

(A) Happiness
(B) Greed
(C) Sorrow
(D) Fear

Answer ⇒ C
24. “The Sleeping Porter’ carries a load of

(A) twenty kilos
(B) twenty five kilos
(C) thirty kilos
D) thirty five kilos need

Answer ⇒ B
25. Who is the main character in the story January Night” ?

(A) Veekhu
(B) Halku
(C) Shekhu
(D) Harkhu

Answer ⇒ C
26. ‘Allergy’ has been written by i

(A) P. S. Singh
(B) S. K. Singh
(C) S. P. Singh
(D) P. K. Singh

Answer ⇒ B
27. “The Bet’ is a story about

(A) a banker and a doctor
(B) a lawyer and a doctor
(C) a banker and a lawyar
(D) a doctor and a farmer

Answer ⇒ C
28. In ‘Quality’ the work of shoe making has been referred …to as

(A) a sill
(B) an art
(C) a performance
(D) a profession

Answer ⇒ C
29. The real cook in the story “Sun and Moon’ is

(A) Sun
(B) Minnie
(C) Moon
(D) Ginnie

Answer ⇒ C
30. The bond between the daughter and the mother in the story “Two Horizons’ is

(A) Emotional
(B) Intimate
(C) Affectionate
(D) All of the above

Answer ⇒ C
31. Aris said that his mother accepted the prize in the name of the ………. of Burma and not herself.

(A) monks
(B) politicians
(C) ministers
(D) people

Answer ⇒ D
32. The Koel is unhappy because it is not with its

(A) husband
(B) lover
(C) brother
(D) sister

Answer ⇒ B
33. Who is crying in ‘Thinner Than a Crescent’ ?

(A) Radha
(B) Krishna
(C) Sudama
(D) Devaki

Answer ⇒ A
34. The porter’s structure is

(A) hefty
(B) fat .
(C) thin
(D) skeleton-like

Answer ⇒ D
35. ‘The seven full vessels he clean forgot’, is from

(A) The Empty Heart
(B) Koel
(C) Martha
(D) Ode on Solitude

Answer ⇒ A
36. The banker hid the lawyer’s note in his

(A) safe
(B) cupboard
(C) drawr
(D) box

Answer ⇒ A
37. What was the amount of the bet between the banker and the lawyer ?

(A) Two thousand dollars
(B) Two million roubles
(C) Two thousand roubles
(D) Two billion roubles

Answer ⇒ B
38. The prisoner asked only for ……….. in the second year of imprisonment.

(A) novels
(B) classics
(C) piano
(D) poetry

Answer ⇒ A
39. Munni and Halku wanted to pay the landlord after the ……… season.

(A) monsoon
(B) harvesting
(C) summer
(D) winter

Answer ⇒ B
40. ‘Greed is endless, but life is not’ – is from

(A) The Empty Heart
(B) Koel
(C) God Made the Country
(D) Thinner Than a Crescent

Answer ⇒ A
41. Which of the following is caused by Allergy ?

(A) Fever
(B) Hunger
(C) Sleeplessness
(D) Fatigue

Answer ⇒ A
42. The lawyer read books with ………….. themes in his first . year of confinement

(A) şerious.
(B) violent
(C) light
(D) sad

Answer ⇒ C
43. The narrator in ‘Love Defiled! realised that he was ………. from within.

(A) handsome
(B) uglý
(C) charming
(D) attractive

Answer ⇒ B
44. What did the pitchers contain ?

(A) Gold.coins
(B) Silver coins
(C) Copper coins
(D) Lead coins

Answer ⇒ A
45. What happens when a polythene bag gets a little heated ?

(A) It melts down
(B) It becomes solid
(C) It vaporizes
(D) It becomes slippery

Answer ⇒ A
46. What was in the yard in ‘Little Girls Wiser Than Men’?

(A) Cold water
(B) Hot water
(C) Dirty water
(D) Ice water

Answer ⇒ C
47. Jim asks Ms. Greene to save ……… so that they can be made into paper.

(A) leaves
(B) garbage
(C) newspapers
(D) fruit-skins

Answer ⇒ C
48. Who was the recipient of Mangala Prasad Prize ?

(A) Mahadevi Verma
(B) Anita Desai
(C) Ashapurna Devi
(D) Nayantara Sahgal

Answer ⇒ A
49. “There only minds like yours can do no harm” is from

(A) Ode on Solitude.
(B) The Sleeping Porter
(C) Koel
(D) God Made the Country

Answer ⇒ D
50. The man is content to get his food from his

(A) cattle.
(B) parents
(C) fields
(D) relative

Answer ⇒ C
51. ‘Her tears carved a river’ – whose tears is the poet referring to ?

(A) Radha
(B) Radha’s friend
(C) Radha’s sister
(D) Radha’s mother

Answer ⇒ A
52. ……… causes pain.

(A) Furniture
(B) Utensils
(C) House
(D) Hurt

Answer ⇒ D
53. What is the poet’s desire in ‘God Made The Country’?

(A) To enjoy luxury
(B) To enjoy life in the countryside
(C) To eat good food
(D) To wear good clothes

Answer ⇒ B
54. Hours, days and years slide away ………… for the happy man.

(A) liardly
(B) quickly
(C) softly
(D) tensely

Answer ⇒ C
55. Halku heard some noises coming from the

(A) house
(B) terrace
(C) groves
(D) fields

Answer ⇒ D
56. The high pitched strains of the Koel wakes in the poet’s soul a thousand

(A) dreams
(B) desires
(C) memories
(D) regrets

Answer ⇒ C
57. Who was Mr. Gessler ?

(A) A goldsmith
(B) A carpenter
(C) A shoemaker
(D) A farmer

Answer ⇒ C
58. Martha’s stories were about ………. and fairies.

(A) gnomes
(B) children
(C) ghosts
(D) adults

Answer ⇒ A
59. The author was sad that the squirrel would not after being attacked by the crows.

(A) sleep
(B) eat
(C) live
(D) run

Answer ⇒ C
60. Gillu always wanted to catch Mahadevi Verma’s :

(A) pen
(B) sari
(C) bed cover
(D) attention

Answer ⇒ D
Directions ( Q. No. 61-66 ) : Choose the correct option of the following :

61. Active voice of : “You will be given a pen by me” is.

(A) I had given you a pen
(B) I have to give you a pen
(C) I shall have given a pen
(D) I shall give you a pen

Answer ⇒ D
62. Passive form of: They are going to perform a drama.

(A) A drama is going to be perfomed by them
(B) A drama is going to perforın by them.
(C) A drama is to be performed by them.
(D) A rama is going to perform.

Answer ⇒ A
63. Active voice of: “By whom was this book given to you ?” is

(A) Who gave you this book ?
(B) Who given you this book ?
(C) Who has given this book ?
(D) Book was given by who ?

Answer ⇒ A
64. Passive form of : Somebody stole my pen.

(A) Somebody has stolen my pen.
(B) My pen was stolen.
(C) My pen has been stolen.
(D) Somebody was stealing my pen.

Answer ⇒ C
65. Active voice of: ‘Was a car bought by Suman ?’ is

(A) Do Suman buy a car?
(B) Suman did buy a car ?
(C) Did Suman buying a car ?
(D) Did Suman buy a car ?

Answer ⇒ D
66. Passive form of : ‘The news shocked me’.

(A) lam shocked at the news.
(B) I was shocked at the news.
(C) I have been shocked at the news.
(D) I was being shocked at the news.

Answer ⇒ D
Direction ( Q. No. 67-72 ) : Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences.

67. Pummy said, “I want to buy a car.”

(A) Pummy said that I want to buy a car.
(B) Pummy said that she wanted to buy a car
(C) Pummy said that she wants to buy a car.
(D) Pummy said that I wanted to buy a car.

Answer ⇒ B
68. Raunak says, “I shall go to Delhi.“

(A) Raunak said that I shall go to Deihi.
(B) Raunak said that he will go to Delhi.
(C) Raunak says that he will go to Delhi.
(D) Raunak says that he would go to Delhi.

Answer ⇒ C
69. Ankur said, “Men are mortel.”

(A) Ankur said that men were mortal.
(B) ankur said that men are mortal.
(C) Ankur said that men will be mortal.
(D) Ankur told that men may be mortal.

Answer ⇒ B
70. Mr. Singh said, “She will dance.”

(A) Mr. Singh says that she will dance
(B) Mr. Singh is saying that she is dancing
(C) Mr. Singh will say that she is dancing
(D) Mr. Singh said that she would dance

Answer ⇒ D
71. “You are very intelligent, Mitu,” said Meera.

(A) Meera says to Mitu about her being intelligent
(B) Meera asked Mitu that she is intelligent
(C) Meera told Mitu that she was very intelligent
(D) Meera said that Mitu is really intelligent

Answer ⇒ C
72. She said, “I am going home.

(A) She is saying that she goes home.
(B) She said that she was going home.
(C) She will say that she goes home.
(D) she says that she went home.

Answer ⇒ B
Direction ( Q. No. 73-79 ) : Choose the correct form of verb.

73. He will be …………. a match.

(A) played
(B) play.
(C) playing
(D) plays

Answer ⇒ B
74. Slow and steady ………… the race.

(A) win
(C) wins
(D) winnig

Answer ⇒ B
75. Either Amit or Sumit ……………. done it.

(A) have
(B) had been
(C) has
(D) was

Answer ⇒ B
76. Will you mind ………….. the door?

(A) close
(B) closing
(C) to close
(D) closed

Answer ⇒ B
77. Keep quiet, we are ………. to the radio.

(A) listen
(B) listened
(C) will listen
(D) listening

Answer ⇒ D
78. We have not ………….. him for a year.

(A) saw
(B) seen
(C) see
(D) seeing

Answer ⇒ B
79. The news …………. alarming.

(A) is
(B) were
(C) are
(D) has

Answer ⇒ A
Direction ( Q. No. 80-86 ) : Choose the most suitable preposition.

80. This is entirely ………….. you and me.

(A) between
(B) among
(C) amidst
(D) in

Answer ⇒ A
81. Furniture is usually made ………… wood.

(A) form
(B) with
(C) by
(D) of

Answer ⇒ D
82. He was convicted ………….. murder.

(A) of
(B) for
(C) to
(D) with

Answer ⇒ A
83. What are you looking …………. ?

(A) by
(B) in
(C) with
(D) at

Answer ⇒ D
84. He is interested ……………. music.

(A) on
(B) by
(C) in
(D) at

Answer ⇒ C
85. The room is full ……….. people.

(A) at
(B) by
(C) of
(D) for

Answer ⇒ C
86. She was called …………… an interview.

(A) by
(B) at
(C) for
(D) of

Answer ⇒ C
Direction ( Q. No. 87-93 ) : Choose the correctly spelt word.


(A) Tution
(B) Tuison
(C) Tuition
(D) Teutiion

Answer ⇒ A

(A) Disastrous
(B) Disasterus
(C) Disastrus
(D) Disasterous

Answer ⇒ A

(A) Ocasion
(B) Occasion
(C) Ocassion
(D) Occason

Answer ⇒ C

(A) Stragal
(B) Struggle
(C) Strugle
(D) Striggle

Answer ⇒ B

(A) Faverite
(B) Fuverite
(C) Favourite
(D) Feverite

Answer ⇒ C

(A) Seige
(B) Siege
(C) Sege
(D) Saege

Answer ⇒ B

(A) Thiner
(B) Thinar
(C) Thinner
(D) Thener

Answer ⇒ C
Direction ( Q. No. 94-100 : Choose the most suitable translate.

94. सच्चाई कभी परास्त नहीं होती।

(A) Truth may not be defeated.
(B) Truth never gets defeated.
(C) Truth can never be defeated.
(D) Truth shall never be defeated.

Answer ⇒ B
95. धूम्रपान स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक है।

(A) Smoking can be injurious to health
(B) Smoking was injurious to thelth.
(C) Smoking is injurious to health
(D) Smoking is injurious for health.

Answer ⇒ C
96. मुंबई कोलकाता से छोटा नगर है।

(A) Mumbai is small than Kolkata.
(B) Kolkata is bigger than Mumbai.
(C) Mumbai is a smaller city than Kolkata.
(D) Mumbai is small and Kolkata is big.

Answer ⇒ C
97. आज मुझे बहुत काम करने हैं।

(A) I am doing lot of worķ. a asta
(B) I have to work lot of today.
(C) I have to do a lot of work today.
(D) I have done lot of work today.

Answer ⇒ C
98. सड़क के दोनों और वृक्ष थे।

(A) both sides of the road were trees.
(B) All sides were trees of road side.
(C) Threes were there baside road.
(D) There ware trees on either side of the road.

Answer ⇒ D
99. आज पूरा विश्व कोविड-19 से प्रभावित है।

(A) The whole world has hit Covid 19 today .
(B) Today the whole world is affected by Covid 19
(C) Today complete world is hit by Covid 19
(D) The world is entirely affected by Covid 19 today

Answer ⇒ B
100. वह सोमवार से बीमार है।

(A) He is ill till Monday
(B) He has been ill since Monday
(C) He is ill from Monday
(D) III is he since Monday

Answer ⇒ B





8.सिपाही की माँ-मोहन राकेश



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