10th english viral question exam 2022

10th english viral question exam 2022 // education study

10th english viral question exam 2022 // education study


1. The old woman was ………… enough to know she could not help the young people.

(A) stupid
(B) intelligent’
(C) strong
(D) suspicious

Answer ⇒ B
2 An Indian film should steer clear of

(A) ambiguity
(B) inconsistencies
(C) controversies
(D) music

Answer ⇒ B
3. Indians have shown the power to make ………… changes and of becoming used to new situations.

(A) big
(B) little
(C) monstrous
(D) gigantic

Answer ⇒ A
4. Where have old civilisation and culture grown and changed?’

(A) India and China
(B) England
(C) America
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ A
5. The old woman tried to make everyone understand that as it was Easter the day should be spent ………

(A) sadly
(B) happily,
(C) angrily
(D) jealously

Answer ⇒ B
6. Which festival is referred to by the writer in “Little Girls Wiser than Man”?

(A) Holi
(B) Diwali
(C). Easter
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ C
7. The towns people do not enjoy any real ………..

(A) scenery
(B) food
(C) drink
(D) fun

Answer ⇒ A
8. A happy man’s wants are satisfied by the property inherited by him from his …………

(A) uncle.
(B) mother
(C) cousin
(D) father

Answer ⇒ D
9. “Polythene bag” has been composed by ………

(A) Durga Prasad Panda
(B) Periasamy Thooranti
(C) Puran Singh
(D) Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Answer ⇒ A
10. Lord Krishna had not met ………… for sometimes

(A) Radha
(B) Sudama
(C) Vidhyapati
(D) Yashoda.

Answer ⇒ A

11. The main character in “Peace for Living”, which the author saw was a/an ………… corn merchant.

(A) elderly
(B) handicapped
(C) young
(D) diabetic

Answer ⇒ A
12.The author admits that quick travel does not give the traveller the real ………… of travel.

(A) pains
(B) pleasure
(C) living
(D) holiday

Answer ⇒ B
13. Jim asked Mr. Greene to keep the old newspapers for the school – going children, who ………… them ?

(A) burnt
(B) bought
(C) read
(D) collected

Answer ⇒ D
14. Jim told Mr. Johnson that it would reduce ………… and save ecology if he did not use car for travelling to short distances.

(A) petrol
(B) pollution
(C) weight
(D) diesel

Answer ⇒ B
15. When the narrator sat down to write, Gillu wanted to catch her ………

(A) attention
(B) pen
(C) papers
(D) hair

Answer ⇒ A
16. Gillu’s favourite food was

(A) rice
(B) bread
(C) kaju
(D) jam

Answer ⇒ C
17. In “what is wrong with Indian Films ?” the author compares Indian films with ……….. films.

(A) Korean
(B) Japanese
(C) Western
(D) Pakistani

Answer ⇒ C
18. The Cinema ………… in various measures the function of poetry, music, painting, drama, architecture and a host of other arts, major and minor.

(A) combines
(B) destroys
(C) deletes
(D) rescues

Answer ⇒ A
19. ‘And her beauty far away’. is from

(A) Thinner Than a Crescent
(B) Martha
(C) Koel
(D) Ode on solitude

Answer ⇒ B
20 Who is the writer of “Acceptance Speech” ?

(A) Toni Morrison
(B) Aung San Suu Kyi
(C) Jon Lexau
(D) Leo Tolstoy

Answer ⇒ B
21. There was a ………. which had the power to grant wishes.

(A) snake
(B) pigeon
(C) tree
(D) temple

Answer ⇒ C
22. The high pitched strains of the Koel wakes in the poet’s soul a thousand ……………

(A) dreams
(B) desires
(C) memories
(D) longings

Answer ⇒ C
23. As a result of very hard work, the porter’s ………… beat. was fast.

(A) pulse
(B) heart
(C) nerves
(D) muscles

Answer ⇒ B
24. Martha used to tell her stories in the hazel ……..

(A) forest
(B) mountain
(C) riverbank
(D) glen

Answer ⇒ D
25. Munni advised Halku to hire himself out, as a ……….

(A) tenant
(B) labourer
(C) farmer
(D) shopkeeper

Answer ⇒ B
26 A person has to be exposed to the particular ……….. for sometime to become allergic to it.

(A) symptom
(B) antigen
(C) allergen
(D) protein

Answer ⇒ C

27 The banker decided to murder the ………

(A) guard
(B) servant
(C) gardener
(D) lawyer

Answer ⇒ D
28 For mir, Gessler. boot making was a / an ………..

(A) art
(B) burden
(C) job
(D) time pass

Answer ⇒ A
29. Sun and Moon went downstairs hand in hand to meet the ………….

(A) guests
(B) relatives
(C) neighbours
(D) friends

Answer ⇒ A
30. “Love Defiled” is a story about the relationship of the narrator with his ……

(A) brother
(B) girl friend
(C) sister
(D) cousin

Answer ⇒ B
31. What according to author is good for garden ?

(A) Fertiliser
(B) Irrigation
(C) Compost
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ C
32. Mahadevi Verma was the recipient of which of the following award ?

(A) Mangal Prasad Prize
(B) Bharat Bharti
(C) Padma Bhushan
(D) All of these

Answer ⇒ B
33. At the end of the story, Halku is .

(A) sad
(B) confused
(C) angry
(D) contented

Answer ⇒ B
34. Sheets, mattress pads and blankets should be washed ………. in hot water.

(A) monthly
(B) daily
(C) weekly
(D) yearly

Answer ⇒ C
Answer ⇒ C
35. The lawyer read only books with ………, themes in his first year of confinement.

(A) serious
(B) violent
(C) light
(D) sad

Answer ⇒ C
36. The young man admitted that Mr. was the best boot maker in 19

(A) Berlin
(B) Tokyo
(C) London
(D) Paris

Answer ⇒ C
37. Mahadevi Verma was an elected fellow of …….. Akademi.

(A) Sahitya
(B) Sangit Natak
(C) Kala
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ C
38. Aung San Suu Kyi got Nobel prize in

(A) 1991
(B) 1989
(C) 1981
(D) 1983

Answer ⇒ A
39…….. delivered the speech on behalf on Aung San Suu Kyi.

(A) 48 Rupesh Ranjan
(B) Alexander Aris
(C) Alexander Sand
(D) Hardeo Hans

Answer ⇒ B
40. The narrator’and his girlfriend were labelled as ………. For couple.

(A) the made for each other
(B) inseparable
(C) a suitable
(D) an unfit

Answer ⇒ A
41…………. but what a stout human figure !”- the poct is referring to the

(A) porter
(B) mountain-climber
(C) doctor
(D) lawyer

Answer ⇒ A
42 Jim asked Mrs. Greene to save the old newspapers for the school …….

(A) office
(B) pickup
(C) children
(D) library

Answer ⇒ B
43. The author admits that quick ‘travel docs not give the traveller the real ……. of travel.

(A) pains
(B) pleasure
(C) feel
(D) knowledge

Answer ⇒ B
44. “Mr. Johnson was asked to’use his car less in order to save the

(A) environment
(B) diesel
(C) weight
(D) petrol

Answer ⇒ A
45. What does the world ‘abode’ mean in ‘Gillu’ ?

(A) home
(B) garden
(C) foreign
(D) field

Answer ⇒ A
46. In which year was the first short film produced in India ?

(A) 1907
(B) 1919
(C) 1925
(D) 1949

Answer ⇒ A
47. Who wrote the poem ‘God Made the Country’?

(A) William Cowper
(B) William Wordsworth
(C) Alexander Pope
(D) Durga Prasad Panda

Answer ⇒ A
48. Where does a happy man live ?

(A) In forests
(B) In towns
(C) In his native land
(D) In metropolitan cities

Answer ⇒ C
49. Premchand is the pen name of

(A) Dhanpat Pandey
(B) Dhanpat Rai
(C) Dhanpat Mistry
(D) Dhanpat Mishra

Answer ⇒ B
50. Mr. Gessler’s ‘shop had a certain ……….. distinction’.

(A) quite
(B) quiet
(C) quit
(D) cute

Answer ⇒ B
51. Preaching about ecology is easy but it is difficult to abide by the rules of

(A) preservation
(B) water wastage
(C) population growth
(D) noise pollution

Answer ⇒ A
52. Gillu’s ……….. astonished everybody who watched him.

(A) anger
(B) weakness
(C) jumps
(D) antics

Answer ⇒ D
53. The Indian Films imitate stories mostly from

(A) Tollywood
(B) Hollywood
(C) Bollywood
(D) Kolywood

Answer ⇒ B
54. The children were transported to a ………… on hearing Martha’s stories.

(A) forest
(B) cloud
(C) sky
(D) dreamland

Answer ⇒ D
55. Who switched on the heater for Gillu ?

(A) The servant
(B) The house manager
(C) The gardener
(D) The author

Answer ⇒ D
56. Who is the first black woman to receive a Nobel Prize in literature ?

(A) Aung San Suu Kyi
(B) Toni Morrison
(C) Amrita Pritam
(D) Mahadevi Verma

Answer ⇒ B
57. When was Aung San Suu Kyi born ?

(A) 19th June, 1945
(B) 21st July, 1944
(C) 8th November, 1948
(D) 25th September, 1946

Answer ⇒ A
58. Humayun Kabir was a

(A) doctor
(B) orator
(C) lawyer
(D) political thinker

Answer ⇒ D
59.The heart of the porter is twittering like a .

(A) bird
(B) tiger
(C) deer
(D) rabbit

Answer ⇒ A
60. The porter ………… ‘over the rich kingdom of sleep

(A) reigns
(B) thinks
(C) cries
(D) whispers

Answer ⇒ A
Directions ( Q. No. 61-66 ) : Choose the correct option of the following :

61. Active voice of: “Had Vinita been teased ?” is

(A) Has someone tease Vinita ?
(B) Had someone teased Vinita ?
(C) Did someone tease Vinita ?
(D) Someone teasing Vinita ?

Answer ⇒ B
62. Passive voice of: We should not punish him.

(A) He should not punished by us
(B) He should be punished by us
(C) He should not be punished by us
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ C
63. Active voice of: “The flowers have been watered by the gardener.” is

(A) The gardener has watered the flowers
(B) The flowers watering by the gardener
(C) The flowers are watered at the garden
(D) Gardener is watering the flowers

Answer ⇒ A
64. Passive voice of: “Tell him to feed the cow”, is

(A) Let him tell to feed the cow.
(B) Let him be told to feed the cow.
(C) Feed the cow tell him.
(D) The cow must be fed by him.

Answer ⇒ D
65. Active voice of: “The book will be read by me,” is

(A) I must have read the book
(B) I should read the book
(C) I shall read the book
(D) I shall be reading the book .

Answer ⇒ C
66Passive voice of : “She was taken to the camp by the solider.” is oldier

(A) Camp she was taken by soldier
(B) The soldier took her to the camp
(C) Soldier is taking her to the camp
(D) The soldier is taking her to the camp

Answer ⇒ B
Direction ( Q. No. 67-72 ) : Choose the indirect speech of the given sentences.

67. She said to her daughter, “Study well to get success in your life.”

(A) She advised her daughter to study well to get success in her life
(B) She advised her daughter for study well to get success in life
(C) She advised her daughter to study get success in life
(D) She advised her daughter for study well to get success in her life.

Answer ⇒ A
68. He says, “I am going to Patna.”

(A) He says that I am going to Patna
(B) He says that he is going to Patņa
(C) He says that he was going to Patna
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ B
69. He said to me, “What do you want ?”.

(A) He asked me what I wanted
(B) He asked me that what I wanted
(C) He asked me what I want
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ A
70. He said, “Where is my suitcase ?”

(A) He asked where his suitcase was
(B) He asking where is my suitcase
(C) Asking he where is his suitcase
(D) He may ask about his suitcase

Answer ⇒ A
71. He says to me, “I shall help you.”

(A) He told me that he will be helping you
(B) He tells me that he will help me
(C) He is saying that he is going to help me
(D) He will say to me that he will help me

Answer ⇒ B
72. Rohit said, “She will go to Kolkata tomorrow.”

(A) Rohit said that she is going to Kolkata tomorrow
(B) Rohit is saying that she is going to Kolkata tomorrow
(C) Rohit says that she goes to Kolkata tomorrow
(D) Rohit said that she would go to Kolkata the next day

Answer ⇒ D
Direction ( Q. No. 73-79 ) : Choose the correct form of verb.

73. Rice and Curry ………… his favourite food.

(A) is
(B) are
(C) were
(D) have

Answer ⇒ A
74. The honest ……….., poor.

(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ B
75. Nothing but snow ………… seen.

(A) have
(B) are
(C) has
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ D
76. She is …………… to see her mother-in-law.

(A) gone
(B) went
(C) go

Answer ⇒ D
77. My grandfather ………. tea without sugar.

(A) taking
(B) takes
(C) taken
(D) had took

Answer ⇒ B
78. When evening …………….. it gets dark.

(A) comes.
(C) will come
(D) had come

Answer ⇒ A
79. Ruby …………… her English lessons yesterday when her father called her.

(A) has studied
(B) is studying
(C) studied
(D) was studying

Answer ⇒ D
Direction ( Q. No. 80-86 ) : Choose the most suitable preposition.

80. He is known ………… me.

(A) to
(B) on
(C) with
(D) from

Answer ⇒ A
81. He went to the village ………. foot.

(A) from
(B) by
(C) on
(D) in

Answer ⇒ C
82. The rat is afraid ……….. cat.

(A) at
(B) of
(C) for
(D) from

Answer ⇒ B
83 Sudha is pleased ………..

(A) at
(B) in
(C) with
(D) of

Answer ⇒ C
84. Rita is tired ……….. this work.

(A) at
(B) for
(C) of
(D) from

Answer ⇒ C
85. Which hand do you write …………?

(A) at
(B) from
(C) off
(D) with

Answer ⇒ D
86. Iam fed up ………… his coming late everyday.

(A) at.
(B) by
(C) to
(D) with

Answer ⇒ D
Direction ( Q. No. 87-93 ) : Choose the correctly spelt word.


(A) Ambitious
(B) Amebetous
(C) Ambetious
(D) Ambisus

Answer ⇒ A

(A) Engaze
(B) Engege
(C) Engage
(D) Ingage

Answer ⇒ C

(A) Fartile
(B) Fertile
(C) Furtile
(D) Feartil

Answer ⇒ B

(A) Rediant
(B) Radient
(C) Redeiant
(D) Radiant

Answer ⇒ D

(A) Gratful
(B) Gretful
(C) Grateful
(D) Greatful

Answer ⇒ C

(A) Banish
(B) Banis
(C) Beñis
(D) Beanish

Answer ⇒ A

(A) Douter
(B) Dotter
(C) Daughter
(D) Doughtoring

Answer ⇒ C
Direction ( Q. No. 94-100 : Choose the most suitable translate.

94., मेरे स्टेशन पहुंचने से पहले ट्रेन खुल चुकी थी।

(A) The train had started before I reach the station.
(B) The train had started before reached the station.
(C). The train has started before reached the station.
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ B
95. मैं तेरे ना जानता हूं।

(A) I know how to swim.
(B) I knew how to swim.
(C) I am known how to swim.
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ A
96. तैरना एक कला है।

(A) Swimming are an art.
(B) Swimming is an art.
(C) Swimming is a art.
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ B
97: यहां सभी धर्म के लोग रहते हैं।

(A) The people of all religions lives here:
(B) The people of all religion lived here.
(C) The people of all religions live here.
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ C
98. आज बहुत गर्मी पड़ रही है।

(A) It is hot today.
(B) It was extremely hot today.
(C) It was hot today.
(D) none of these

Answer ⇒ D
99. क्या तुम पत्र लिख रहे हो।

(A) Are you writing a letter ?
(B) Letter you writing ?
(C) Writing you letter ?
(D) Letter is you writing ?

Answer ⇒ A
100. जो वह कहता है सही है।

(A) He says is right what
(B) What he saying was right
(C) What he says is right
(D) Which he said is right

Answer ⇒ C






8.सिपाही की माँ-मोहन राकेश



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